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We have been a family owned and operated performance car workshop since 1972. E&H Motors is at the forefront of customer service, and we are proud to offer you our expertise. Drifting Rollcages Warrant of Fitness LMVD Motorsport Fabrication Auckland New Zealand pukekohe carl ruiterman hans nissan silvia racing manifolds plenums dyno tune tuning specialists injectors cams sr20 rb26 1jz 2jz supra skyline

To maintain your car there is no substitute for regular vehicle servicing. We are MTA assured and our Qualified Technicians are experienced in vehicle servicing, inspection and repair. Specializing in personal, business fleet and performance vehicle maintenance, we have the knowledge to put your vehicle's needs first.

We offer a range of service plans to suit your needs and budget.

Choose from one of your plans upon booking. Unsure which plan is right for you? Just ask and one of our friendly team will recommend an option best suited to you.

- Replace engine oil
- Replace oil filter.

In addition to an Economy Service:
- Check tyre pressures/includes spare
- Check battery level, digital test & apply terminal protection
- Check brake/clutch fluid
- Check/lubricate suspension
- Check/lubricate steering joints
- Check cooling system
- Check auto transmission/gearbox oil.

- Check power steering oil
- Check diff oil levels
- Lubricate door hinges & catches
- Visual check drive belts, adjustment if necessary
- Check air filter
- Check wipers/top up wiper fluid
- Full under car inspection

In addition to a Service Check:
- Replace coolant if required
- Replace transmission oil if required
- Replace power steering fluid if required
- Replace diff oils if required
- Replace air filter if required.

- Check spark plugs, replace if required
- Wheels removed to clean, check and adjust brakes
- Check, test and scan for fault codes, check sensor operations
- Test drive report
- Pollen filter replaced.

Courtesy car available by appointment.

Engine, Airbag, or ABS light on?
We have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment which allows us to find faults quickly and efficiently saving you time and money.

- Cambelt replacements
- Suspension and brake repairs
- Clutch
- Engine tuning and repairs
- Engine rebuilding
- Diagnostic trouble shooting
- Transmission servicing and repairs
- Transmission reector testing and cleaning
- Fuel injector testing and cleaning.





Are you looking for more power, but don't want to install an Aftermarket Engine Management System? We can 'reflash' your factory ECU to improve your cars performance considerably, whilst still retaining all functionality and features.

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries you may have.