Trigger Kit for RB20, RB25 and RB30


Any RB owner or engine tuner knows the factory CAS can be an issue. There are trigger kit’s available that run off the harmonic damper but these can have their own set of issues – eg trigger plate bolts coming loose, harmonics in the sensor bracket causing bracket cracking and trigger issues, and unnecessary extra weight on the nose of the crank.
The trigger wheel in our kit goes in between the rear of the crankshaft and flywheel and has a ridged sensor mount which bolts to the block and is not susceptible to issues from vibration. For the front we have a CNC machined plate to go in place of the factory CAS for you cam sync.
We have been running this kit in our most powerful builds with 100% success for over 4 years.
Note: Aftermarket engine management must be used with this kit.

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